Share Information

Company’s Issued Capital

The Company has an authorized capital stock of ₱17,830,000,000 divided into 17,830,000,000 common shares with a par value of ₱1.00 per Share, of which 17,827,465,406 Shares are issued and outstanding as of the date of this REIT Plan. As of the date of this REIT Plan, the DoubleDragon Properties Corp. owns 70% of the Company, and the Spouses Yujuico collectively own 30% of the Company.


The following table sets out the Company’s shareholders :

Shareholder Total %
DoubleDragon Properties Corporation 12,479,240,781 70%
Benedicto V. Yujuico 2,716,957,245 15.2%
Teresita M. Yujuico 2,631,267,380 14.8%
Total 17,827,465,406 100%